Organizing Your Shed with the 10 Best Tips

Organizing your items takes time and work. Without putting effort into it, it’s easy for clutter to happen. For some people, being organized is second nature but for others, it might take actual patience and dedication to keep up with. If you want to make your storage shed as tidy and well-kept as possible, it is best that you look into a system that can help you maintain organization. Our professionals want you to make the most out of your shed, so we provide a couple of tips that can help you get started with cleaning and keeping up with your storage space! 

Add Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves are popularly installed in homes and storage spaces. Not only do they add more space to your shed, but they also make a great piece for wall accents. Floating shelves are best if your shed is used as a workspace and not so much for storage, but floating shelves can fulfill both purposes. 

Use Free-Standing Metal Shelving 

You don’t have to permanently install shelving in order to keep your storage shed organized. You could also look into free-standing metal shelving units that way you can move your storage equipment as needed. These metal shelves are not only mobile and easy to move around, but they are also great with preventing building up of debris and other dirt from collecting. 

Use Stackable Wooden Crates for Storage 

Wooden crates are another great source of storage. They can provide your storage shed with an extra touch of rustic influence! Wooden crates are optimal because they can easily be stacked and moved around as needed. These storage units are best if you have several tools and want to keep them secured and out of easy reach. 

Use Old Bookshelves 

If you have old bookshelves hanging around that you don’t use in your home anymore, think twice! You can repurpose old bookshelves as another unit for organizing your storage shed! A bookshelf is great for gardening tools, placing smaller tool boxes, or even decorative items for your shed. 

Label Designated Areas for Tools 

Once you have containers, bins, or crates to keep your storage shed well kept, you could place specific tools in each one for extra organization. Labeling your containers is one of the best ways to make looking for tools efficient and quick. Ultimately, this will make the work easier for you! 

Mount Hangers for Larger Tools/Equipment 

If you have larger tools or equipment such as rakes, shovels, or other lawn tools, hang them up on the wall for extra space and tidiness! Tool hangers can come in handy to keep your floor space clear of clutter. No need to stack larger tools when you can hang them on your storage shed walls! 

Secure Hardware 

If you have little ones running around, this is a tip you’ll definitely want to consider. With sharp objects, such as nails and screws, they can easily slip into the wrong hands or end up in areas they shouldn’t be. With smaller tools, you could organize them into smaller containers, such as mason jars. With a simple twist of the jar, you have quick and easy, but safe access! 

Consider Ceiling Space as Extra Storage 

If you have beams covering the ceiling of your shed or if your ceiling is high enough, that’s extra storage you coud be using! With overhead storage shelves, you can have tools and other equipment hanging safely! Even better, this storage idea helps keep your floor clear of clutter and tools all over. 

Hang Garden Tools on the Exterior

You don’t have to fulfill the entire interior of your storage shed to organize your tools. You could also use the doors to the shed and the exterior for extra storage and organization! You could install hooks on the walls outside of your shed to hang more tools. This idea is best if you have a roof covering your shed, which provides protection for hanging tools. 

Incorporate Cord Organizers 

Cords can get messy if you don’t have them tied up where you can easily untangle them. Thankfully, with a shed, there are ways to keep cords organized! You can add hooks to the beams on the ceiling of your shed where cords can be hung! Even better, they are out of easy reach, so your cords won’t easily tangle! 

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