Choosing a Shed and Finding The Right Dimensions

You know that you need extra storage and you know what your projects require. But what kind of shed size exactly do you need? Are you looking for a space that’s just enough to store your gardening tools? Or are you looking for something that offers a bit more leg space and the surfaces you need to work on projects? Thankfully, there are several sizes you can choose from. It’s not only important to consider what you’ll be using your shed for but you must also take other factors such as your yard space, for example, into account. We discuss the information you need to narrow down your options. 

Shed Options

Sheds are typically offered in three different sizes. It’s important to understand how a small, medium or large shed can meet your needs. 


A small shed is usually measured at 10×12 feet. These sheds are perfect for storing gardening tools or light yard equipment. It makes the perfect tool for keeping your home and garage from cluttering and helps with yard maintenance and cleanliness. 


A bit bigger than a small shed, a medium shed measures approximately 10×16 feet. These sheds are most often seen in the eastern-most part of the country because they are more suitable to hold snow plowing equipment and tools. Lawnmowers also fit comfortably in medium-sized sheds. It is the perfect storage size and space for all four seasons. 


The largest shed size there is typically measured up to 12×20 feet. Sometimes the width is extended to 24 feet. Almost as big as a residential garage, this kind of shed can hold up to almost anything you have that needs to be stored away. Because of the space it offers, you don’t have to worry about clutter or having too much in one space. 

How Much Are You Willing to Spend? 

Now that you know about the different sizes that are offered, you have to consider your budget. Opting for a small shed might be the most budget-friendly choice, but there are limitations with size to consider. If you do a lot of DIY work, you probably use several tools and equipment. A small shed just might not cut it. Always look ahead regarding how much you’re willing to invest in a shed. 

How You Will Put Your Shed to Use

What you plan to use your shed for also plays a great deal in the decision process. Will it be strictly for storage or will you use the space to work in? If you plan to work frequently in your shed, then a medium-sized storage space might be the best choice. If you only plan on using a shed for storage, a small shed might be good depending on how many tools and equipment you have and how big they are. 

What Exactly Your Shed Will Hold

Potting and planting flowers do not require too much space, but welding definitely does. The size and space you’re looking to purchase should also depend on what exactly your shed will be responsible for holding. If you plan on keeping bigger items such as motorcycles or ATVs, a large shed is best. Large sheds are also optimal when you have machinery that you use. If you’re looking to store smaller items, small storage space should almost always do the trick.

Community or Residential Regulations

In some communities or neighborhoods, there are rules regarding the style and size of storage that you can have in your backyard. It is highly recommended to check with a community organizer or leader to see what you can work with. 

The Size of Your Yard

Lastly and most importantly, size is critical. A large storage shed might be useful when it comes to tools, but what if it takes up the vast majority of your backyard? This only makes it hard to work around your yard. If you have a bigger plot of land, then a large storage shed might not pose any problems, but before you buy a shed, look at the dimensions of your yard as well. 

Choose Western Shed as Your Storage Supplier!

Western Shed offers everything you could ever need in a yard shed. We also make custom sheds! Contact us today to learn more about the sheds we have and how we can help you purchase. 

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