Maintaining Your Shed: Tips For Longevity and Durability

A beige shed with a white door in the backyard of an El Paso home.

At Western Shed in El Paso, we take a ton of pride in the storage sheds we build and sell to our customers. However, no matter how high-quality the sheds are, it’s important to properly maintain them. Otherwise, even the best shed in the world will have a shortened lifespan or become an eyesore. Here are some maintenance tips and tricks to get the most life out of your storage shed. 

If you are interested in adding a storage shed to your El Paso property or need maintenance tips for a pre-existing shed, look no further than Western Shed. Contact our shed builders online or call (915) 234-5671 to learn more.

Treat Your Shed Annually 

If you have a wooden, it’s important to treat the wood once a year by staining or painting it. Otherwise, the wood will start to warp, and your shed will fall apart from the outside. 

Make Timely Repairs 

In addition to treating your shed once a year or every other year, you or an El Paso shed builder should also inspect the shed regularly and make repairs as needed. Check the roof, your doors and windows, and the siding for holes, water damage, and other potential problems. 

Protect Your Floor 

Along with your exterior, it’s vital to protect the inside of your shed, starting with the floors. You should sweep and mop your floor periodically. Additionally, if it’s a wood floor, you should stain it the same time that you stain the outside of the shed. If you are unsure how to treat the floors, reach out to a shed builder in El Paso.

Manage the Perimeter 

If your shed has bushes, shrubs, and trees surrounding it, trim them as needed and keep them from growing into the shed. 

Perform Annual Cleanings 

Before you clean and treat your shed floor, do a thorough cleaning of the inside to get rid of unwanted waste and to re-organize your tools and shed contents. 

Watch Out For Mold 

Mold is one of the biggest shed-killers in the US. While Texas is fairly dry compared to other parts of the country, it’s just as prone to mold as anywhere else. Sheds are especially prone because they’re outside 24/7 and exposed to rain, dew, and other forms of moisture. Check the inside and the outside of your shed for mold growth. 

Additionally, if you have a metal shed, check for signs of rust and corrosion. 

Don’t Forget About Your Hinges 

Finally, the last thing you want is for the hinges on your doors and windows to get rusted shut and restrict access to the shed. Therefore, regular lubrication with WD-40 is important. 

Shed Builders in El Paso

For more maintenance tips or a professional inspection, Western Shed can help. We have some of the best wooden sheds in the Southwest, along with some of the top shed builders in the industry. Call (915) 234-5671 today.

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