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Craftsmanship and Functionality

Western Shed, LLC has been constructing custom sheds since 2017. As experienced professionals in the construction industry, we’re able to produce sheds that are customizable and affordable. As a locally owned and operated company, we focus on craftsmanship, design, and quality construction. You can pick your size, color, and design and trust that you’ll have a local professional working with you. 

We primarily build three designs, as each has its own unique style and advantages. Take a look below:

Gable Roof Shed

The gable roof is a recognizably popular type of roof in homes and sheds, as they are architectural staples. In fact, the gable roof shed design has been around for hundreds of years! 

Gable roof sheds have two sloping sides that meet together at a ridge. As sloping sides meet, they create a space that is covered with the gable, hence the name. These roofs have many advantages, including natural water drainage, and they offer additional space in their simple, yet effective, design.

Lean-To Shed

Depending on your property and the amount of storage space you’re looking for, a lean-to shed can be the right choice. These types of sheds are built on the side of the house, almost as if it were an addition or extension to the home, as it sits right next to it. 

Lean-to sheds are ideal for homeowners who are looking to conserve space or use it a little more effectively. This option is great for those who don’t desire to make space for a full-sized shed. If you have a smaller yard and have some alley space between your home and the neighbors, then a lean-to shed might be the perfect option!

Barn-Style Shed

Aside from the beauty of the barn-style roof, these sheds offer an opportunity for a lot more storage space thanks to their complex design. In fact, it’s almost as if you’re getting a shed and a half! The shed’s interior can be maximized thanks to the shape and the ability to make better use of the space. 

In addition to the functionality, the barn-style sheds give a tip of the hat to the agricultural ancestors of American farming and add a certain style and mystique to your property.

Visit Us to Check Out Our Shed Options!

If you’re unsure about which shed design to choose, then simply visit the Western Shed facility! We have plenty of ready-built sheds displayed so you can see and truly experience a Western Shed! Take a look at what we can do in our three styles and our versatility in sizes and customization. 

Customization Options — Sizes and Colors to Fit Your Property

While our most popular shed dimension is the 8 x 10, we can build based on your preferred dimensions. Whether you want us to build a lean-to shed, barn-style shed, or gable roof shed, we can alter the sizes to fit what you need. 

In terms of color, we have a wide array of colors and color combinations. From white and gray, to earth tones, darker grays and black, and even pink! If you got a preferred color, let us know.

Have Questions? We Can Help!

If you’re interested in building with us, just let us know what you need, the dimensions you’re looking for, design, and color and we’ll get started right away. Call us or stop by and we can discuss your specific needs in more detail. We’re happy to make suggestions based on the size of your property and what you need the storage for. In fact, you may even be able to see what you need in our currently available inventory and can take it home immediately!

Maximize Your Space in Style With El Paso’s Trusted Shed Builder

At Western Shed, we specialize in building quality, functional, and affordable sheds with high-grade materials. We want to make sure you are happy with the final result. Regardless of the size and style, you’re looking for, we have something for you. Give us a call today at  915-234-5671 or visit us at 13470 Pellicano Drive El Paso, TX 79928.

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