Custom Sheds in El Paso

Choose Your Size and Your Design

Every property is different and every homeowner’s need for extra storage space is also different. This is why we build unique custom sheds in El Paso to fit your needs. Whether you are looking to store those awesome ATVs your kids got for Christmas or the wife’s gardening materials, we guarantee that our custom sheds for you to choose will be right for your property and space.

Our most popular sized shed tends to be the 8 X 10. We have plenty of model sizes in our display available at our facility. The process for building custom sheds, however, allows every homeowner to decide the best dimensions to fit their property and their chosen designs. 

All of our storage designs are compact and built to increase space and help organize. We have three primary options for our customers to pick from, including:

Lean-To Shed

Designed to maximize space and fit on the side of your home.

Barn-Style Shed

Great design that provides more storage space with a classic barn-style look. 

Gable Roof Shed

Effective at creating storage space while keeping things simple and evoking that classic roof design.

Once you choose your style, you can give us your preferred dimensions to work with or we can help you figure out what might best suit you. 

Get started today by contacting our shed builders in El Paso online or call (915) 234-5671.

Why Purchase a Custom Shed?

Western Shed has been constructing quality custom sheds in El Paso for several years. Before that, we worked in the construction industry, helping homeowners build and repair their homes. There are some cookie-cutter sheds that you can purchase from your local hardware store. 

These, however, will not stand the test of time and are likely to rust, break, blow in the wind, be flimsy, delicate, or awkward to set up. With Western Shed quality custom sheds, you can choose the dimensions that are more likely to fit the best in your property and serve your specific needs. That way, you don’t have to worry about installing it yourself. 

Choose Your Shades and Colors — Complement the Look of Your Home

Our El Paso custom sheds can essentially become a part of your property and can add value. This is why the colors you choose are important, as they will complement the colors and style of your home. Western Shed can do a few combinations of colors for our storage sheds that you can choose from, including whites, grays, lighter earth tones, and even pink. 

Quality Materials from Foundation to Final Coat of Paint

As your trusted El Paso shed builders, Western Shed is focused on providing the best materials and quality craftsmanship in the region. We are proud to serve the local community and take the quality of our product very seriously. This is why we use high-grade materials from the base, the wood, the wood trusses, roofing material, plywood, and paint for all. And our 30-year shingle roof is a standard on all of our custom sheds

Warranty and Financing — Our Satisfaction Guarantee

You don’t want your shed flying into the neighbor’s yard during a windstorm, which is why we are confident in making our El Paso custom sheds long-lasting, sound, and robust. Unlike your typical flimsy sheds from hardware stores, ordering from one of our custom sheds here at Western Sheds means withstanding harsh weather conditions, especially that West Texas wind.

Contact the Professionals for Custom Sheds in El Paso

With over twenty years of experience in the construction industry, Western Shed knows the value of well-made structure storage sheds. Come on by for your free estimates. We can make the sheds you need for a price you can’t believe. 

Speak with one of our shed builders in El Paso online or call (915) 234-5671.

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