Sheds for Sale in El Paso

Building Quality Wooden Structures

Our History — The Story of Western Shed

When looking for sheds for sale, look no further than your local shed builder at Western Shed.  We’ve been building quality wooden sheds in El Paso, TX since 2017.

Our founders have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and they bring the same level of commitment to excellence and quality to every shed. 

We use high-grade materials to make a strong foundation and use 30-year shingle roofs to guarantee longevity. These are not your typical flimsy sheds that will blow away with the first dust storm.

Simply put, we’re here to provide a much-needed service for the El Paso area and are growing thanks to the people of this great city. 

Many homeowners are in need of extra storage space in their homes and resort to filling and cluttering their garage. Put the car back in the garage, and get a quality shed from Western Shed. 


To provide high-quality, affordable wooden sheds with high-grade materials, unique designs, and custom sizes for El Paso homeowners.


To be El Paso’s trusted shed builder with a dedication to excellent service, quality materials, and superb craftsmanship.

Warranties — Our Promise of Quality and Functionality

The point of a quality shed is the ability to have a functional space where you can store necessary items. Our sheds are built with unique designs to ensure the maximizing of space. We also offer unmatched quality in our materials and structure. It’s why all of our sheds come with a 2-year limited warranty on materials and craftsmanship!

The Western Shed Team — Why We’re the Best Custom Shed Builder in El Paso

Western Shed is dedicated to high standards of excellence in customer service and craftsmanship.  Our whole team is trained to do their job with the utmost attention to detail. Our team is trained in construction and carpentry and have a solid foundation in good building practices and woodworking.

Why We Are Different

There are national companies out there that claim to have the edge on quality and craftsmanship. We know, however, that through our process, materials, roofs, and designs, we can easily surpass all those national brands! Best of all, we do all the work at a reasonable price without ever overcharging. 

We also offer an Acima financing option that gives you a workable payment plan so you can own one of our beautiful sheds without emptying your wallet.

Buy Local to Get the Service and Quality You Deserve

As an El Paso-based shed construction company, we’re basically your friendly neighbor, except we are professionals and know what we’re doing. Our team is dedicated to this community and we want to help El Paso homeowners make use of their space by choosing the right shed. 

Contact Western Shed and Let’s Get Started!

We’re ready to work on the right shed for you. With three main designs to choose from, we can help you figure out the dimensions and have your dream shed built right away. Call us at (915) 234-5671 or contact us online for the best sheds for sale in El Paso.

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