How to Know If a Custom Shed is Right for You

A beautiful custom-made shed with blue paneling and windows in a backyard

At Western Shed, we know a thing or two about sheds. Storage sheds are very handy things to have. With a custom-sized shed, the possibilities are almost endless. Whether you need a custom shed depends on several things, however. You must consider size, how long you plan on using your storage shed, how much you are willing to spend, and any other features you would like to have in this space. 

Undeniably, it can be hard to think about all of this at once. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself in finding out whether a custom-made shed is best for you. We discuss a few, quick initial thoughts to help you find out what exactly you need in terms of a custom shed. 

The Lifetime of Your Shed 

Oftentimes, a custom shed is best when it comes down to how long you will be using it and how long it will be in your backyard. Custom sheds are made with specific materials, more specific than the standard shed. With that being said, they may be able to hold up longer than a basic shed. If you plan on keeping your shed around for years to come, it would be in your best interest to look into purchasing a custom-made shed and you can also ask for the materials that you would like for it to be made out of. 

The Quality of Shed Material 

Purchasing a shed with high-quality materials is more beneficial in the long run. Of course, if you are buying a shed, it’s safe to say that you would be using it for years to come. Some people have no problem with replacing a shed, others might want to make a purchase that is worth their while. 

If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable shed, custom-made sheds are the way to go. When it comes to choosing materials, you should be looking for something that promises durability. Some of the best brands are Sherwin-Williams, CertainTeed, just to name a few. 

Potential Expenses 

How much you’re willing to spend will also help you determine whether or not a custom shed is right for you. Anything custom-made will always be more expensive. This is important to keep in mind when juggling between a standard shed and a custom-made shed. Oftentimes, custom-made sheds are more expensive because they are specific with materials and contractors will do everything they can to meet your goals with your shed. If you have the means or are willing to invest in this purchase, you can look into getting a custom-made shed. 

The Time in Which You Need Your Shed 

If you are looking for a shed right away, it is best to opt for a standard shed. Custom-made sheds take time. This is not an overnight process. Simply put, if you have time to spare you can definitely take your time looking into different sheds and what each has to offer. If your needs are immediate, just start looking into standard sheds as soon as possible. This all depends on how long you are willing to wait. You can also get in touch with different contractors to find out the earliest date they can have a custom shed ready. 

Add-Ons and Special Features 

Because custom sheds call for more money, contractors will offer and ask whether you would like to include special features, such as shelving, windows, and insulation. If these features don’t spark your interest or are not necessary for your shed needs, you can pass on this. If you plan on using your shed primarily as a project space, these features are more handy and useful. You might find yourself spending a lot of time in your shed, so you might as well get comfortable and throw in these features to make it worth your while. 


Standard sheds are usually built with shed kits, which makes them easy to install and put together when you bring them home. Some custom-made sheds might require the skills of a professional in order for you to put up your shed. Installation is also another cost you would have to consider. Just like specific materials and add-ons, if this is a cost you’re willing to pay or would rather pay, a custom-made shed should be no problem! 

Get Your Very Own Custom-Made Shed with Western Shed! 

Western Shed provides standard-sized sheds and custom sheds, making us your best choice. Whatever your shed and storage needs entail, we are confident that our custom creations can help you achieve your goals and complete your plans with your shed. Contact us today to learn more about the custom-shed-making process. 

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