Landscape Your Shed with the 10 Best Tips and Ideas

Sheds can be used in many ways. For some people, sheds are strictly for storage. For others, people view a shed as an extension of their home, meaning they will treat it, decorate it, and tend to it just as much as they would with their own house. Using your shed as a room apart from your home leaves so much room to get creative with it! One way you can beautify your shed is by looking into some landscaping ideas. In fact, a shed is one the best ways to add character to your garden, if you have one. If you don’t have a garden, a shed is a perfect place to start gardening and investing in your backyard!

Work with What Your Yard Already Has 

The easiest and fastest way to start implementing a landscape surrounding your shed is to work with what your yard already has. You can start by moving your shed that way it better fits your yard and meets your goals. It could be helpful to place your shed next to bushes or any shrubbery. 

Repurpose Your Gardening Tools and Materials 

If you have any gardening materials around waiting to be used, your shed is where you can apply them. For example, giant planter boxes look great anywhere, but they would look even nicer in front of a garden shed, where you have other gardening tools stored. 

Add a Walkway 

You can easily draw attention to your shed by adding a walkway from your fence to the shed. You can use pavers that way you don’t have to outsource to a landscape professional. If you already have pavers in your yard, it would be best to use similar shapes and materials to compliment your garden. 

Place Light Fixtures Outside of Your Shed

If you treat your shed as a little piece of home, you have to build it up like a home! Exterior lighting adds more character to any backyard shed. You can get creative and add solar-powered lights, that way they turn on at night on their own. 

Install a Pergola 

Still thinking about adding lights? A pergola isn’t complete without a web of lights hanging off of it! If you typically like to hang around or next to your shed during your downtime, a pergola is a great way to block off some light and introduce the calm of the evening. 

Add A Deck! 

Now that you have lights and a pergola, you can finish off decorating your shed with a deck, which typically includes a small table and chairs surrounding the table. This makes the perfect mix of “class” and “cozy” for your lush garden and landscaping. The deck can also be the perfect place to add a grill. 

Give Your Shed a New Coat of Paint 

Take a look back and consider the color. Changing the color of your shed is a quick fix. In fact, it might be one of the few things you have to do to make your landscape pop! The color of your shed all depends on what you have in your garden, the amount of color you are working with, and the style of landscaping.  

Align the Sides with Beds of Plants 

You don’t even have to have beds of plants everywhere else in your garden to put them along the sides of your shed. You can actually start implementing more flowers and plants next to your shed and from there, build ideas regarding where else you can put them throughout your backyard. 

Place a Lattice Nearby 

A lattice is another great way to incorporate plants, vegetation, and flowers. In fact, lattices encourage plants to grow because they are rooted upward. Some of the best flowers you can plant on a lattice are morning glories, which are very unique and beautiful plants. 

Pot Plants on the Window Sills  

Another quick fix is by placing small potted plants or flowers, such as succulents, along window panes, if your shed has them. With that being said, there are many quick ways you can use your shed as an item for your landscaping and gardening! 

Make the Most Out of a Shed from Western Shed 

Whatever your goals may be with a new shed, Western Shed wants to be able to provide you with the best of the best! If you are interested in purchasing a shed, contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer. 

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