7 tips to maintain your storage shed

A tan and dark grey storage shed in El Paso.

Storage sheds are one of the best and safest ways to store extra items around your property. From lawn equipment and tools to sporting goods, paint, and other things you can’t keep in your house but don’t want to lie around outside, storage sheds are the solution. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your storage shed so that it can take care of your belongings. 

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Underpin for Pest Protection 

Underpinning is one of the most important aspects of protecting your storage shed. It’s especially important if your shed is on an uneven surface and part or all of the foundation isn’t flat on the ground. Underpinning will prevent pests and rodents from digging in beneath your shed and potentially biting or clawing their way inside through the bottom. 

Don’t Overclutter 

We get it. The whole point of having a storage shed is so that you have somewhere to keep extra items and belongings. However, storage sheds have their limits, and it’s important not to exceed them. Putting too many things into your shed, or things that are too heavy, could cause structural damage. Overcluttering is also a safety hazard because you won’t be able to easily walk around inside the shed. 

Exterior Maintenance 

While keeping the inside of your shed neat and tidy is important, most of the risks it faces are on the outside. Therefore, exterior maintenance is crucial if you want a long-lasting storage shed. Here are some crucial exterior maintenance items to include on your checklist. 

  • Pressure washing 
  • Treating the exterior wood 
  • Clearing plants and shrubs growing near the shed 
  • Repainting or staining the siding when necessary 

Contact us for more tips and tricks about exterior maintenance! 

Invest in Regular Repairs 

It’s also important to perform regular checkups on your storage shed and make any necessary repairs. Certain problems, such as tiny holes, foundation issues, and skewed paint is only noticeable if you’re intentionally looking for it. Therefore, you should take a few minutes each month to do a quick check on your storage shed and make any necessary repairs. 

Keep Your Door and Windows Operational 

There are few things more frustrating than when you can’t get into your storage shed. Unfortunately, doors and windows that aren’t working properly are very common in the storage shed world. Doors on storage sheds typically have metal hinges that are prone to rusting and seizing up, making them nearly impossible to operate. Failing to lubricate and care for your doors and windows will make your storage shed more of a chore than it should be. 

Regularly Check the Roof 

A leaky roof is one of the most common reasons items inside a storage shed get damaged. For that reason, you should inspect the roof once per year and check it for leaks, missing shingles, and other signs of damage. You should then replace the roof if necessary. 

Watch Out For Rust and Mold

Aside from roof damage, rust, and mold will be your biggest enemies with storage sheds. While they provide good protection, not all storage sheds are completely weatherproof, which means that moisture is a very real threat. It’s important to deal with rust and mold damage as soon as you spot it so the problem doesn’t spread. 

Who to Contact for Custom Storage Sheds

For the best storage sheds in El Paso, look no further than Western Shed. We offer a number of custom and pre-fabricated sheds in a variety of sizes and styles. Contact us online or call (915) 234-5671 to learn more about our storage sheds! 

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