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Storage Sheds in El Paso

There is no question that Western Sheds builds the best storage sheds in El Paso and surrounding areas. If you are looking for high-quality custom sheds for your backyard or property, we have experienced carpenters ready to build your ideal shed. Get free estimates and great service from trustworthy professionals. We build lean-to, barn-style, and gable roof sheds with customizable sizes available. 

Get top deals and affordable options by calling our experts at (915) 234-5671 or going online for the best El Paso storage sheds.

Building Your Outdoor Shed the Right Way

Here at Western Sheds, we emphasize quality materials and a careful and thorough building process. As a locally owned and operated company, we value the relationships with our customers we have built since opening in 2017. We set a strong foundation for each of our sheds to withstand any harsh outside conditions and weather. 

Our El Paso storage sheds are not flimsy and will not topple over with heavy winds, nor are they susceptible to damage due to rain, heat, or other outside conditions. Outdoor storage sheds can also affect the look and value of your property, which is why we offer beautiful designs and colors. 

We use high-grade materials, including quality wood, plywood, a pressuretreated base, wood trusses, and firm bases. We also use a 30-year shingle roof as a standard for all of our El Paso sheds. 

Is a Storage Shed For You?

One of the biggest benefits of building a storage space outside your home is that it opens up space and helps you organize. It’s true that many homeowners quickly begin to outgrow their indoor living spaces and find themselves working to organize space indoors and outdoors. You likely don’t want tools and gardening rakes strewn around your backyard. Our El Paso storage sheds offer flexibility to maximize the space in your yard and inside your home. If your home is cluttered and you find yourself stuffing things into closets or under the beds, it might be time to consider a convenient and inexpensive way to open up space while keeping things organized. 

Every homeowner can benefit from some extra storage space. If you find yourself parking your vehicle outside because your garage is housing your lawnmower, tools, or other stored stuff, it might be time to organize your space. If you are a weekend warrior with plenty of outside gardening tools or lawn care materials, proper storage space will be handy. Maybe you’re simply looking to store away some old photographs or belongings that occupy too much space in your home. A custom-built and quality design wooden storage might be the best option to maximize the space in your backyard or on the side of your house.

Designs Aimed at Space Efficiency, Functionality, & Aesthetic Appeal

All three of our designs are aimed at maximizing your space. Our outdoor storage sheds are built to last. Most homeowners don’t want flimsy and bulky storage sheds. Instead, they seek the best storage in El Paso that provides plenty of space, enhances the property, looks good, and fits right in. Our designs are not only beautiful but they are constructed with space efficiency and functionality in mind. 

Gable roof: The gable roof shed design is a traditional construction with several benefits. The roof has two sloping sides that meet together at a ridge. This allows for good water drainage and prevents the accumulation of moisture. It allows for increased space inside and looks great.

Barn style: This is one of our most popular designs, as it immediately conjures up that traditional barn-style roof. This is a classic look that adds some style to any backyard or storage area. At the same time, it offers the opportunity for shelf spacing on top and better organization of contents. It’s almost as if you’re building a shed and a half.

Lean-to shed: The lean-to shed is explicitly designed for even more space efficiency and reduced space. If you have a smaller backyard and don’t want to put a shed there, you might consider a lean-to shed. These go on the side of your home, almost as if attached to one wall, and ‘lean into’ it.

Pricing and Financial Information

Western Sheds offers the most affordable custom-made wooden storage sheds in El Paso. We are a locally owned and operated company that works in the community to offer excellent service and prices. Come by and take a look at our inventory or display designs and find out how you can finance the storage shed you need. We offer Acima credit with payment options that give homeowners plenty of flexibility.

The Western Shed Warranty — Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know that quality and longevity are important. It’s why we offer a two-year limited warranty on all our sheds. This includes craftsmanship and materials. We know that we build our sheds to last and are confident that you will be satisfied.

Contact El Paso’s Trusted Shed Builder Today

If you are looking to maximize your space and build durable outdoor storage sheds, trust the construction professionals at Western Shed. 

Call our office today at (915) 234-5671 or contact us online for quality storage sheds in El Paso.

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