How to Make More Storage Space: The Guide to Decluttering

When you begin to look into a shed or additional storage space for your home, this is the time to think critically about what it will be used for. Too often, homeowners take advantage of their storage space and find it as an opportunity to store all their outdated or unused items. Sheds are intended to help you prevent a mess, NOT to build one. With that being said, take a look at your shed. Does it need some cleaning up? Is it time to throw away those old tools you’ve been holding onto for so long? The team at Western Shed wants you to make the most out of these home additions. We discuss some tips that are guaranteed to help you start fresh with your storage!

Make a List of What to Get Rid Of 

First things first, you have to determine what should be taken out and what can be kept. Some people are significant for attaching memories to inanimate objects, items that may have been with them for years now. It is important to determine what is more important: mementos or the space for new opportunities. Storage space should be the place where you can work freely without running into clutter. 

Designate Boxes for Different Items 

Removing items that no longer serve you doesn’t necessarily mean they have to go straight to the trash. You might be able to sell these items, have a garage sale, go to your nearest pawn shop to learn about what you can earn. With that being said, you can allocate items into different boxes. For example, gardening tools can go in one box, car parts can go in another, and so on. 

Arrange a Zone Where You Can Make a Mess

In the pursuit of cleaning up a mess, you might create a bigger mess. This is completely okay! Although, it can be hard to be productive when you have storage items surrounding your every step. By creating a specific space where you can place items temporarily, it provides more organization throughout the process, making it easier for you. With less mess, the more you can achieve at a faster pace! 

Plan the Structure of Your Space

Once you have removed old and unused items from your storage space, you will want to rearrange your shed to where it continues to be home to the items you did keep. You don’t need much, no blueprints nor construction plans. You can simply take notes regarding how you want to organize storage throughout your space. By doing so, you minimize the time of organizing while you are rearranging. 

Keep New Items to a Minimum 

By removing old items, it may feel like the perfect opportunity to purchase and bring in more materials. The whole point of decluttering and giving away items you no longer use to keep it clean and to widen your space. There is nothing wrong with replacing old tools with new and updated materials, but we don’t advise you to collect too much either. 

Be Innovative

No matter what you use your storage space for, whether it be for creative purposes, gardening, home building, there is no better time than now to determine new ways of storing your materials. You can look into installing floating shelves, spaces that are allocated on the walls of your shed. If you have furniture in your storage space, you might want to consider building in drawers to keep items hidden and organized, all at the same time.  

Stay Organized with Labels 

You don’t always have to get fancy with space in your shed. Some people like to opt for storage shelves, where they can find what they need within seconds. To enhance your storage shelves, you can add labels to help you easily locate what you need, especially small materials such as nails, washers, screwdrivers, if your storage is predominantly tools. 

Assess the Cleanliness of Your Storage Space Often 

Now that you have cleaned your space, rearranged items, and furniture, and kept it to a minimum, we recommend that you take a step back every now and then that way you don’t allow the mess to build up on you again. Don’t be afraid to give your storage space a good cleaning when you think it deserves one! 

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