Creating a Remote Learning Space in Your Shed: The How-To Guide

It’s been a tough couple of months since the pandemic made its way into all of our lives. Most of all, it’s disrupted the usual routine of learning, forcing educators and students to migrate their learning spaces within their own homes. Some have been able to adapt, others may find it rather unusual having to attend school at home. This is where a shed can step in and help. Away from your bedroom, but not far from home at all, a shed is the perfect place to help your child learn and make the most out of their education. We provide some tips to learn more about how you can turn your backyard shed into a place for focus, learning, and teaching!

First Things First: AC and Heating 

Before you can set yourself to teach and attend school every day in your backyard shed, you will want to make sure it has the appropriate air conditioning and heating settings. If you’re an educator, it’s likely that you are working every day for seven to eight hours, so it’s important to ensure that you are able to help students learning and make the most out of your knowledge in a comfortable setting. If you already have an AC system installed, you’re one step ahead!

A Comfortable Chair and Learning Station

Not only do you want the climate in your backyard shed to be comfortable but you will also want to make sure that you are able to teach and work with the help of the appropriate furniture. Some chairs and desks may be too sturdy and stiff, others may have too much slack to them. Whatever helps keep you to stay upright and focused is the furniture you will want to opt for. 

Add Some Cabinets for Organization

When it comes to storing and organizing your school and work supplies, you don’t need to invest in anything fancy! You can purchase some plastic bins and storage containers that are large enough to place your notebooks, pens and pencils, files and papers, and other materials that you might find yourself using on the daily. This can also help keep your home and your bedroom more organized and available in space. 

Keep the Plants and Pots!

Not only does structure make a learning space effective but so does life and all things natural! Having a plant in a learning or working space is proven to help with stress and focus. Additionally, it adds a touch of comfort and style! You can keep the plant sitting on a window sill so that it can receive its daily intake of sunlight and that way it stays free from interaction on a desk. 

Keeping Out Distractions

Now that we mentioned windows and outdoor features, they can become a distraction, especially if your family is active in your yard. Don’t be afraid to add curtains if you need to shut out these distracting factors. Additionally, you can keep the door closed, keep noise to a minimum and even use some headphones if you need music for extra focus. Don’t be afraid when it comes to maintaining focus!

Stock Up on Snacks!

You’re going to get hungry throughout the day. Being an educator can be rather draining, so it is crucial that you receive the necessary energy for that extra nudge. You can throw in a drawer to stock with snacks. You could even add a mini refrigerator that way you don’t have to make several trips to your kitchen and back. Staying energized is important when you are teaching the world’s future leaders! 

Establishing a Routine 

One of the best things about turning your shed into a remote learning place is that it can help give a sense of routine just as teaching at your school does. By working in a shed, you set yourself to wake up at a certain time, make and eat breakfast and prepare yourself for the day just as you would in normal times. Having a shed can provide you with the organization and schedule that helps to keep you on track! 

Study In Your Designated Space

As an educator, there may be times where you have to work in addition to your schedule, creating lesson plans, and learning new teaching methods for your students. A shed is also the perfect place to dedicate your overtime. Once your workday ends, you can turn on the lamp for appropriate lighting, eat a quick meal, and get your tasks done in no time. 

Ease the Transition to Remote Learning with Western Shed 

It’s never too late to enhance your teaching experience. Contact Western Shed today to learn more about the sheds we offer and how it can help you throughout the pandemic!

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