The Destination for Entertainment: How to Turn Your Shed Into a Game Room

There’s no place like home, but sometimes, cabin fever can get the best of us. Maybe leaving the house is not as simple or convenient, but you still want to be able to enjoy time by yourself or with some friends. If you have a shed lying in your backyard, waiting to be put to use, this is the perfect opportunity. People of all ages always dream of manifesting a game room, but if you want to make this dream a reality, your backyard shed is your one-way ticket! Whether you’re a devout video gamer or if you like to host family night with a variety of activities, a shed turned game room is optimal. We take a look at some of the features and furniture you can incorporate to achieve the entertainment of your wildest dreams.

Game Room Essentials 

Basketball Hoop

A shed is not only the perfect place for some time away from the house, but it is also designed to help you get some physical activity in. We’re encouraged to receive anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour of physical activity. You can attach a basketball hoop to the rim of your shed’s roof and take some time outside to shoot some hoops in the fresh air. 

Pool Table or Foosball Tables

Pool tables and foosball tables are popular amongst children, teens, parents—everyone for the most part! They are not only easy games to learn, but they call for endless hours of fun! Pool tables are often enjoyed by older crowds, while foosball tables appeal to children and teens, so it might be helpful to consider adding both if possible. 

Board Games and Cards 

If you’re having a hard time finding room for your board and card games in your home, a shed is a perfect place for storage. Extensively, if you want to be able to spend more quality time with your family, gathering them in the game shed can allow for an enjoyable experience. 

Gaming-Friendly Furniture 


A shed turned game room fails to be complete without a television. By adding a TV into your new and improved shed, you and your guests can partake in video games, watch movies or videos, and more! Additionally, you want a television that is large enough for everyone to watch and enjoy. A 36-inch flat-screen is optimal in size if you want to save money and room when investing and adding to your upgraded shed. 

Bean Bags 

When you’re playing a video game, you want to be in the most comfortable position possible. A game room should not only be all about fun, but it should also be a source of relaxation and release! You can buy a couple of bean bags for you and your friends to sit on or you could buy one large bean bag sofa that will fit you and a couple of other people as you go against each other in video games! 

Video Game Station 

Your TV has to rest on something, so it would be in your favor to consider buying a game station with cabinets or cubicles where you can store games, discs, movies, cords, and any other media essentials! If you’re a heavy gamer and tend to collect many games over time, you’ll eventually come to realize that you’ll need special storage for them. In addition to storage, having a modern and organized cabinet can add a nice touch to the overall gaming feel. 

Neon Sign 

If your game room is your primary source of privacy, then it’s understandable when you want to be left with your own company. Having a neon sign displayed within the vicinity of the door’s window or attached on the outside would be ideal to allow people to know when you are currently in the shed. 

Western Shed: Here to Support All of Your Shed Uses and Needs 

Here at Western Shed, we provide a variety of sheds for all kinds of uses. Even more, we are enabled to customize a shed if you aim for a game room, a gardening shed, or a space for storage of your own! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you meet your storage and entertainment goals.

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