How to Find the Perfect Shed: Essentials to Look For

First thing’s first: you know you want a shed. But this information alone is not enough to help you make a wise and worthy purchase. If you are looking to buy a new outdoor shed, there are many things to consider before sealing the deal. Some of the most obvious factors customers look for include size, cost, and maybe the color and style. Although these are important, there are many other features that a shed you’re looking into may—or may not—offer. By having a keen eye as you search for a new outdoor shed, you can expect to reap the most out of a wise investment. Let’s discuss some important things to look for in a shed.

High-Quality Foundation and Flooring

Believe it or not, some sheds include a floor while others may not. Wood sheds are usually designed with a standard floor frame. With most metal-based sheds and some plastic sheds here and there, flooring is sold separately, which can call for extra costs. In most cases, purchasing a floor separately typically adds $100 to your overall costs. With this in mind, you might want a shed that includes flooring already.

Ease of Access 

If you’re regularly purchasing and carrying large items into your yard, you’ll want to consider a shed that provides the entry space you need to transport materials with ease. Some sheds have rather tight doorways, which might not pose a big deal, depending on the usage of the shed. Either way, you want to make sure the entryway into your unit will suffice.

Decorative Details 

Small touches can make a big difference, especially for sheds that are put to creative use. Some outdoor sheds are crafted with extras such as French doors or cupolas. Other models of sheds offer the ability to add your personal touch. These are optimal features if you’re planning to put your shed to gardening, artistic, or office use, to personalize your space to your liking!

Roofing and Roof Shingles 

Much like the roofing that covers your home, some sheds are crafted with roofing that can either make or break the unit overall. It would be best for a customer to look into a shed with high-quality roofing shingles if they reside in an area that is significant with tumultuous weather. If you live in a rather calm environment, where the climate doesn’t pose a problem, you can opt for something cheaper!

Size and Work Space 

Many sheds come in different shapes and sizes. It is recommended that you plan on purchasing a bigger size than you think you need. It doesn’t need to be anything too large, but for general storage, you may want to evaluate your current spatial needs and increase it by 25%. Things change, therefore your storage plans are bound to change as well.

The Overall Material

Another very important consideration is the type of shed material you prefer. Most sheds are built out of wood, resin, or metal. Each material offers different advantages. Additionally, each material may react differently in terms of climate and tools you’re using within this space.

Placing Price Over Quality

Higher prices don’t always mean that a shed is made out of higher quality material. The same goes for lower prices. The minute a shopper is drawn to a shed offered at a low bargain, many of them are bound to put their blinder on and immediately ignore some very important considerations. If budget is a primary consideration, you can focus on finding a simple, but well-built shed made with basic materials as opposed to those that offer premium and exclusive features.  

The Purpose of the Shed 

When you think carefully about how you’re going to put your shed to use, this gives you the hindsight you need when it comes to the size and features that will work best. If you’re going to spend plenty of time within the shed, you may want to find a unit that provides the space for lighting, ventilation, and comfortable roof height. If you’re going to use your shed predominantly for storage, you can consider the size and space a bit more as opposed to other add-ons.

Find a Shed That Exceeds Your Standards at Western Shed 

If you’re new to the outdoor shed market, the professionals at Western Shed are here to help. We have a wide selection and we can guarantee you’ll find everything you need with us. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer!

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