Four Signs That Can Help You Determine the Need for A New Shed

Owning a garden shed or storage shed is accompanied by a number of benefits. If you consider yourself one with the entity of nature and you want your garden to function successfully, a shed is a must as it has the power of adding beauty right outside your home. Another reason why people do not hesitate to utilize sheds is that it tends to be more convenient. A shed’s convenience entails more space for a homeowner to store tools and materials whether they are for garden uses or more industrial-based projects. Although, it’s important to be aware of the fact that a shed cannot successfully serve these purposes if it is a decaying condition. To make your shed more worthy and able-bodied, you have to properly maintain it as a shed needs to be kept in tip-top shape. You can start the soon-to-be new year right by looking out for these six major signs that call for a new and improved shed.

The Need for More Space

When you walk into your shed and look around, ask yourself, what is the first thing you see? Has your shed become overcrowded and cluttered over the years? Are your shelves caving under the weight of tools, garden supplies, and storage boxes? If you’ve already cleaned the shed out once or twice in the past year and you still find the struggle to make more space, it could definitely be time for an upgrade. A bigger shed calls for more space for storing your items and it can help the vicinity feel less crowded and claustrophobic the minute you walk into it. A larger shed can also help you eliminate the need for storing boxes of items within your home as well. 

Rotting Wood and Foundation Problems

Rotting wood and foundational issues are nothing but a serious problem and your shed should be checked instantly. Although, it is almost always that a homeowner will purchase a new shed when assessing these problems. If you don’t know how to spot rotting wood, this is what we’re here for. If your shed is rotting, the boards will become discolored and take on a muggy green hue. Not only will the boards produce an unpleasant color but the boards will also start to shrink. They’ll likely smell of mildew, even if it hasn’t rained recently. Snow, sleet, and hail—in addition to rain—can also be tied to the cause of your rotting wood. 

Foundational issues are rather feasible to spot, even from a fair distance away. If your shed’s foundation is experiencing problems, it will likely lean toward one side. Over time, the tilt is only bound to worsen. If this happens, the situation is likely to even become dangerous as the shed could collapse. Insecure foundations are a quick giveaway that a shed is not accessible.

Ridden with Damages and Leak

Storms will naturally damage the roof or a wall if you live in a place that is heavy with rainfall. If you’re tired of makeshift fixes that only result in more troubles, it could be much more favorable to buy an entirely new shed. You should especially consider a new shed if it is quick to overflow with water, snow, dead leaves, and other outdoor debris. Many homeowners may find that maintenance could be a prospective option, but it could be even more beneficial if you replace the entire shed, overall. Maintenance is synonymous for a headache (for most of us) and it is a responsibility no homeowner should deal with when it comes to storage and organization. A new and improved shed can also help your elements stay out of contact with weather-induced elements. 

Infestation of Insects 

One of the many things that you should consider when inspecting your shed is to look for any signs of insects. These unwanted guests could summon ruin not only amongst the structure of your shed but also amongst your items. Negative consequences can be expected if you neglect to treat these problems as soon as possible. With an outside shed, it may seem like a hard task to keep insects out, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Some of the latest models of sheds are made to ensure that any unwanted pests will fail to make their way into your storage and outdoor shed. 

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